Everything from team building and reward days, to motivational talks and after dinner speaking.


When coaching football, we deal with the challenge of getting our team mixing, and working together as a unit. We have to work hard to bring out the best in each player, whilst keeping the focus on a shared team goal. Well, what if you could transfer those attributes to the workplace, and to your own staff or colleagues.

Our corporate and hospitality packages have been designed to illustrate the benefit of teamwork, the necessity of perfecting your skillset and the Importance of empowerment;- all of which are essential in creating the perfect output, be it a football team, factory floor, or office! They’re designed to bring out the best in a team whilst being fun, inspirational and invigorating!

We offer team building and reward packages, that can be perfectly tailored to suit your company’s needs. So if you’re looking for some ideas on how to get your team revived, motivated and developed, get in touch with Back to Basics for your personalised experience.

Let us put together your perfect package which can include hands on coaching, motivational talks and presentations – and even full on corporate leagues!


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